I had made an automatic payment arrangement to bring our cell phone bill “current”. It paid on Friday. As I was looking at our accounts, I noticed that the cell phone bill had an outstanding balance of $127.

That’s odd I thought. Oh look, it says it’s due today. I’ll go ahead and pay it.

Yeah, that’s NEXT MONTH’S BILL.

That just makes me so mad that I am so dizzy from a hectic weekend that I couldn’t even remember that. I didn’t really need to pay that bill for another two weeks. It’s money that could have gone for, say, GROCERIES, or completely PAYING OFF something else, or getting another CC “more current.”

That just really really annoys me. And it annoys me because on Friday I didn’t sit down and just pay everything at once like I normally do as I was slammed for time. Which then threw me off because I knew that “today” I needed to finish paying the bills.

ARGGGGGG !!!!!!!

That it is the cell phone bill (which frosts me anyway—because I get billed IN ADVANCE for the privilege of having future cell service) just adds insult to injury.